Test, Inspection & Certification / Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)

A PIR (often for insurance purposes) is required for any property that is rented out, be it a domestic dwelling or commercial / industrial premises. The time period between PIR’s differs depending on the use and type of the property.

At Steven McGiff Electrical Services we like to explain a PIR as a property’s equivalent to a vehicle MOT(!) If the installation is in good condition and complies to the wiring regulations you will receive a pass certificate. If it doesn’t, you will receive a list of remedials that must be actioned before you will gain the pass certificate.

Steven McGiff Electrical Services recommends that anyone about to commence a major renovation project on any property, complete a PIR first. The PIR will serve as a full health check giving you a complete picture of the overall condition of your property's electrics. More importantly, it will eliminate any surprise costs during the renovation, arising from unexpected works, necessary to bring the existing electrical installation into compliance with the wiring regulations.

It is also a good idea to consider a PIR if you are looking to purchase a property. Although it is not a requisite within the HIP package, should the PIR reveal that any remedial work is required on the property, you might want to factor the costs of these works in when negotiating your offer.