Extensions & Conservatories

The electrical requirements of extensions and conservatory builds are primarily to extend the existing circuits, or to pull in a new feed to provide the additional power and lighting requirements.

Steven McGiff Electrical Services recommends that before commencing any building work, you should instruct a Periodic Inspection. This is to ensure that your current installation is safe and can cater for the additional power requirements that your extension or conservatory will need. The Periodic Inspection will also give you an accurate specification and therefore quote for the electrical work you will require: It is quite common for builders to add a disclaimer about the existing electrics into their price / quote: In our experience, it is common for fuse boards (as an example) in older properties to be non compliant with current wiring regulations. For an electrical certificate to be supplied to building control at the end of the job, the full installation must be compliant, therefore in these cases, the fuse board usually have to be upgraded: it’s a cost that isn’t always factored in!